BKCG takes great pride in efficiently and effectively litigating matters in all levels of state and federal courts throughout the United States. Through repeated appearances in the southern California courts, we have established a solid reputation with many judges and opposing counsel as a firm of integrity and credibility. These traits are critical in litigation, as many battles can be won through the mere threat of action. Having an experienced firm on your side can often be the key to resolving a case quickly and efficiently.

Our trial lawyers are seasoned advocates, with unparalleled researching, writing and oral advocacy skills. We use these skills to represent clients in trade secret and unfair competition litigation, contract disputes, bad faith insurance litigation, securities litigation, construction defect litigation, employment and labor litigation, commercial litigation, and a variety of other business torts. Litigation can be very demanding, and the success of your case can depend on how quickly and effectively your attorney responds to urgent situations. Our litigation teams are committed to your case 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, and we can respond to critical situations with a moment's notice.

When your case does have to go to trial, we will be ready for the event. We pride ourselves on being experienced "trial lawyers" who know how to effectively advocate your case. Whether your case is presented to a judge or a jury, we know how to speak the language that will convey your case in the most beneficial way possible.