Internet Law is actually an amalgamation of several different types of traditional law as applied to the Internet. Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Right of Publicity Law, and Contract Law in particular are being drastically altered within the new paradigm. The speed at which such changes are occurring makes the services of a young, technically-savvy and energetic law firm a necessity rather than a luxury in today's business world.

Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George is just such a firm. We assist clients with various domain name issues, such as domain name disputes, negotiated acquisition of domain names, protecting domain names, and ICANN procedures. We assist clients in securing and protecting Internet-related trademarks, including those involving the federal anti-cybersquatting act, and in preparing related licensing agreements. We assist clients in protecting posted copyrightable works, and advise them concerning the complex laws surrounding the licensing of such works, including our specialties, the Digital Performance Rights Law of 1995 (concerning the rights involved in posting, downloading or streaming digital audio files) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (amending the 1995 Act and adding law concerning areas such as ISP liability limits). We also assist clients with basic legal issues, such as contracts, that are nonetheless critical in e-commerce for all modern business entities.

In addition patent protection is available for E-Commerce related and like business methods executed partly or wholly on the Internet and the firm is very well placed to provide assistance in obtaining, acquiring, licensing and litigating such patents.