Copyright protection is available for a diverse range of subject matter, including musical works, sound recordings, motion pictures and other audio-visual works, literary works, and computer software. United States copyright protection arises immediately upon creation and "fixation" of the work in physical form. Registration of the copyright provides substantial advantages, such as the right to recover statutory damages and attorneys' fees in the event litigation is necessary to enforce the copyright. Indeed, such registration is often a prerequisite to infringement litigation.

Our firm assists clients in the registration process, which can range from straightforward registrations to extremely complex registrations, complicated by issues of ownership, publication, derivative works, and Internet concerns. In urgent situations, we can obtain an expedited copyright registration in a matter of days. We also assist clients in understanding, developing and adhering to licensing agreements, which can be quite complex. In the case of litigation, we help clients prosecute unlawful use or defend lawful use of such copyrights.